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Rental Screening Policy

Attention please read our rental policy before completing your online application.


Tenant Rental Policy


Thank you for applying for one of our managed properties. Please take the time to read this form, and then complete the rental application. Any Incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information, the application will not be processed and or denied. If we receive multiple qualified applicants at or around the same time. The most qualified applicant will be selected regardless of whom was first to apply. 



• Applicant(s) (hereafter referred to as Applicant) combined gross income must be three (3)  

  times the monthly rental amount.  

• Applicant must have stable and continuous employment history and must provide verifiable pay stubs for the most recent 60 days.

• If applicant is self-employed, then the most recent 2 years of tax returns, most recent 3 months of complete banking statements 

  showing deposits, and withdraws. No summary pages will be accepted.

• All supplemental income (Social Security, Pension, and Child Support/Alimony) must be verified in writing.


Rental History:

• Applicant must have 24 or more months verifiable rental/mortgage history during the past 3 years with a

  maximum of 1 late payments/NSF during the past 12 months.

• Applicant must have no lease violations requiring legal notice.

• Applicant must not receive a “NO” answer to question “Would you re-rent again?”

• If Applicant has rented from a private landlord any time in the past twelve 12 months, then applicant must provide     

  most recent canceled checks/money order receipts of rental payments, or other proof as requested, for such rental period.


Credit History:

• Applicant must have a satisfactory credit rating report obtained from major credit bureau with a score of 620 or better. With no current  derogatory or collection within the most recent 6 months.

• Scores below 620 will result in a rejection or may require a Guarantor (co-signer) and/or higher security deposit. This would be determined 

 based on the information obtained from the Consumer's Credit Report. Such as how much, what kind and how recent derogatory items are as  

 obtained from such reports.

Criminal History:

• Applicant must not have any of the following: felony convictions in the last (7) years. Drug related charges, such as manufacturing and/or distribution of illegal or controlled substances and/or drugs, arson, assault of great bodily harm and/or murder, burglary, larceny and theft related crimes. Or any felony convictions for any sex related, sex trafficking and any terrorism offenses at any time.


Eviction/Broken lease:

• Applicant must not have been Evicted or Moved out without Notice from any residence within the past

  Five (5) years.

Bankruptcy - BK

• Applicant Bankruptcy must have been discharged for at least Three (2) years.

Rental Fee Schedule

• Tenant Application $40.00 (per tenant over the age of 18) This Fee is Non-Refundable

• Guarantor Application $40.00 (per guarantor)

First Month’s Rent (Payable prior to move in w/Certified Funds Only)

• Security Deposit (Payable prior to move in w/Certified Funds Only with Separate Certified Check)


Please Submit with your Rental Application the following, in order for your Application to be deemed complete.

Copy of your Driver’s License, Income Verification, Most recent 60 days of Paycheck Stubs or other Verifiable Proof as described above.                                                                                 

 The above supplements to your application can be faxed to 951-271-9018 or emailed to                

By Completing your Online Application you are Acknowledging that you have read the Rental Policy and Agree with the Terms in its Entirety.

Revised 8/6/2020