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Rental Screening Policy

Attention please read our rental policy before completing your online application.


Tenant Rental Policy


Thank you for applying for one of our managed properties. Please take the time to read this form, and then complete the rental application. Any Incomplete or missing information, the application will not be processed.



• Applicant(s) and/or Spouse (hereafter referred to as Applicant) combined income must be three (3)  

   times the monthly rental amount.

• Income amounts must be verified in writing, applicant may provide recent pay stub(s).

• If applicant is self-employed, then the most recent tax returns, most recent checking account    

  statements showing income deposits or statements from a CPA must be provided.

Supplemental Income:

• All supplemental income (Social Security, Pension, and Child Support/Alimony) must be verified in writing.


Rental History:

• Applicant must have 24 or more months verifiable rental/mortgage history during the past 3 years with a

  maximum of 2 late payments/NSF during the past 12 months.

• Applicant must have no lease violations requiring legal notice.

• Applicant must not receive a “NO” answer to question “Would you re-rent again?”

• If Applicant has rented from a private landlord the past twelve 12 months, then applicant must provide     

  most recent canceled checks/money order receipts of rental payments.


Credit History:

• Applicant must have a satisfactory credit rating report obtained from major credit bureau with a beacon  

  score of 600 or better.

• Beacon Scores below 600 may require a Guarantor (co-signer) and/or higher security deposit.


Criminal History:

• Applicant must not have a felony record that was adjudicated guilty or had adjudication withheld for the  

  past seven (7) years, or any conviction of any length of time for any drug related, sexual related, murder  

  related or arson related crime.


Eviction/Broken lease:

• Applicant must not have been evicted or moved out without notice from any residence within the past

  five (5) years.



• Tenant Application $40.00 (per tenant over the age of 18) This Fee is Non-Refundable

• Guarantor Application $40.00 (per guarantor)

First Month’s Rent (Payable prior to move in w/certified funds)

• Security Deposit (Payable prior to move in w/certified funds on separate check)


Please submit with your rental application the following.

Copy of your Driver’s License and Social Security card

Income verification, most recent 30 days of pay check stubs or other proof as described above.                                                                                 


The above supplements to your application can be faxed to 951-271-9018 or emailed to                

By completing your online application you are acknowledging that you have read the rental policy and agree with the terms in its entirety.