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Management Fee Schedule 2020


Below is a outline of management fees, you will find our prices are very competitive for the level of service, an expertise our company provides to our clients


Leasing Fee 50% of one month rent - If property is to be managed by us

Leasing Fee 80% of one month rent - lease only not to be managed by us includes tenant application, screening and lease signing

Lease Renewal Fee $250.00 - existing tenant renewal

Monthly Management Fee 7.0% - of the monthly rent amount                                                                                                                                    (S

No monthly management fee charged during vacancies

Tenant late fees we keep to cover added cost/time of accounting collection

Account Set-Up Fee $0.00

No charge for marketing - within our marketing plan

No additional charge for periodic inspections

No up charge on repairs

Eviction service typically cost $550-650 average

Minimum of $250.00 reserve from owner to be maintained during duration of the Property Management Agreement, this is the recommended amount. However, it can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

The above is intended to provide a high level summary of fees for the Property Management Services of Allegiance Properties.

Please refer to the Property Management Agreement to confirm all fees, terms and conditions