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How We Screen Our Rental Applicants

One of the cornerstones of effective property management is the careful selection of tenants. We recognize that placing a responsible, on-time rent payer who takes excellent care of the property benefits everyone involved. Our tailored, in-house screening approach seamlessly blends personalized processing with cutting-edge data search technology to significantly reduce the chances of placing a challenging tenant

Our meticulous screening process

  1. Income Assessment  -  To gauge financial stability.

  2. Employment Verification  -  Confirming employment history.

  3. Credit Check -  In compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  4. Pre-Qualification -  Assessing tenant suitability.

  5. Eviction History - Checking for prior evictions.

  6. Landlord Verification - If required by our standards.

  7. Sex Offender Registry Check -  For safety and security.

  8. Public Records Review  - To verify legal standing.

  9. Criminal Background Check -  Ensuring a safe community.

  10. Bankruptcy History -  Assessing financial responsibility.

  11. Pet Verification - If applicable, for pet-friendly policies.

  12. Collections History -  For financial integrity.


Our commitment to comprehensive screening means greater confidence in placing responsible, dependable residents in your property."


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